OrganTutor Acknowledgements

OrganTutor is the product of the efforts of several individuals and organizations. David Egbert is first, whose cheerful demeanor and programming knowledge were invaluable in bringing these ideas to reality. Thanks to my friend and colleague Dr. Parley L. Belnap for encouraging the development of both OrganTutor and the Brigham Young University (BYU) group organ program. Carol Dean was helpful in the early stages writing sample lessons, and especially later in proofreading. I appreciate the patience of our many BYU group organ students for finding bugs and enduring the growing pains along the way.

Thanks also to the following BYU organizations: the School of Music, the College of Fine Arts and Communications, the Faculty Center, the Film Committee (CIMA), and to the Creative Works Office for their continued financial support; and to Jon Holloman for lending recording equipment. Thanks to the BYU Instructional Technology Center—especially to Ben Watson and Todd Stubbs, who undertook the conversion to Macromedia Director. I appreciate Dennis Houlihan of Roland Corporation and Tim Stevenson, Gary Kibble, and others from Rodgers Instruments LLC, whose interest during the earliest stages of this project encouraged its completion.

Most recently, thanks to Cheryl Morse, Steve Paligo, Dallas Petersen, and others at the BYU Center for Instructional Design, who created OrganTutor Online.

Particular thanks and love go to my wife, Kim, and to Christy, Niki, Kyle, Erin, and Karly for patiently sacrificing time with Dad so that OrganTutor could become a reality.

—Don Cook, September 2004