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This section will help you learn how to add information to the wiki

First, Create a Free Account![edit]

In order to write a new page or comment you need to create a free account. Click on the "request account" link in the top right corner. Create a user name and a password. Once your request is approved, you can log in using the "log in" and you are all set.

Wiki Structure[edit]

You can go back to the Main Page from anywhere in the Wiki by clicking the logo in the upper left corner, or the "Main Page" link in the navigation box. All articles and discussions are organized under Organ Composers, and the composers are listed under their respective musical eras.

Adding To or Editing Existing Pages[edit]

"Articles" are more formal entries listed under specific performance categories (such as registration, tempo and meter, or articulation and phrasing). To edit or add to an article, click the "edit" link--like the one just above this paragraph to the right; or click the "edit" tab at the top of the page for access to the whole page. To save your work, be sure to click the "Save page" button at the bottom of the page before going to another page. Click here to learn more about editing Wiki pages.

Commenting (Discussion)[edit]

Discussions ("talk" pages) contain more conversational entries (comments) about anything related to the piece or collection being discussed. Each page of the Wiki has its own discussion page. Click the "discussion" tab to read the discussion, and then the "edit" tab to take part.

Creating a New Page[edit]

Besides adding to existing pages as described above, OrganPlayingWiki is designed to grow by the addition of new pages. Adding a new composer, a collection of works, or a new piece requires three steps: 1) logging in [see "First, create a free account" above], 2) adding the new page, and 3) adding a link to that new page in the appropriate place.

To add a new Composer[edit]

To see if the composer is already listed, click the "Organ Composers" link under the navigation box to the left. If you prefer, enter the last name of the composer (correctly spelled) into the "search" box and then click "Go". If the composer is already listed, click the link and add or edit as you wish. If not, return to the "Organ Composers" page and create the link as follows: 1. Scroll down to the appropriate era for your composer and click the word "edit" to the right. 2. Triple-click on any composer's name to select the entire line of text. 3. Select two lines of text by holding down the "Shift" key and then pressing the down arrow. 4. Copy those two lines by holding down the "Ctrl" key and then pressing the "C" key. 5. Click the right arrow followed by the left arrow to move the cursor to the very beginning of the next line. 6. Paste the two lines that you copied in step 4 by holding down the "Ctrl" key and then pressing the "V" key. 7. Replace the first and last names of the composer in your pasted text with the name of your new composer; do the same with the birth and death dates, and the country with which he is associated. Be careful to leave the two vertical lines between these three entries. 8. When you are finished, scroll down and click "Show Preview." Check to see that your entry displays correctly. If not, fix it! 9. If your entry is working correctly, click the "Back" button on your browser, and then scroll down and click "Save Page."

re-enter the first and last names of your composer in the search box (correctly spelled) and click "Go". Click the composer's name in the sentence that appears: "Create the page "[composer's name]" on this wiki!"

To add a new Collection of Works[edit]

To add a new Piece (within a collection or stand alone)[edit]