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Welcome to the Organ Playing Wiki

An open forum about classical organ performance

This wiki is a forum for performance suggestions on specific organ pieces or collections. Anyone may freely explore the wiki without an account or log-in. Entries from anyone that might be helpful to an organist in the performance of the piece or collection are welcome (must create a free account and log in--see top of this page). These entries are collected and displayed either as "articles" or "discussions":

  • Articles are more formal entries listed under specific performance categories (such as registration, tempo and meter, or articulation and phrasing). Click the "edit" tab to make an entry in the article.
  • Discussions ("talk" pages) are more conversational entries about anything related to the piece or collection being discussed. Click the "discussion" tab to enter into the discussion.

Musical performance places value on the intent of both the composer and the performer, as well as many other factors. Citations of and links to primary and secondary sources, links to online resources, statements of personal opinion and taste, and uploaded documents are all welcome as long as they pertain to the topic and are collegial in nature. We invite all to remove inappropriate entries.

The first construction site and "model" for this new resource is Johann Sebastian Bach (his Orgelbüchlein in particular). However, entries are welcome throughout the wiki. Please reflect the format of the Bach site as applicable.

To make these articles and discussions useful for organists, it helps if everyone follows some simple editing conventions on ARTICLES and DISCUSSION PAGES:


Each page in the wiki is an ARTICLE:

  • SUBHEADINGS. Be sure that your comment appears under the appropriate subheading in the article. For example, place comments on choosing stops under "Registration and Organs." If needed, add a new subheading. Entries may be moved, copied, or split up as needed in order to appear under the most appropriate subheading.
  • SIGNATURE. Please do not include signatures on Articles, but do on Discussions (see directions in the column at the right).
Each article has a corresponding DISCUSSION ("talk") page, accessed by clicking the "Discussion" tab at the top of the article.
  • FIRST ENTRIES. If yours is the first entry of the Discussion page, after clicking the "Discussion" tab, then click the “+” tab, enter your heading in the "Subject/Headline" box, and then enter your comments in the large box below.
  • NEW TOPICS/HEADINGS. If you wish to begin a new topic to an existing Discussion, click the "Discussion" tab, then click the "Edit" tab, place your cursur at the end of the Discussion text, click the “+” tab, enter your heading in the "Subject/Headline" box, and then enter your comments in the large box below.
  • REPLIES. If you are inserting a reply into an existing Discussion, indent your reply with a colon (:) at the beginning of the line.
  • SIGNATURE. Always "sign your name" after your entry. If you are logged in under your username, simply enter the four tildes “~~~~” wiki syntax (or click the signature button in the toolbar above the editing textbox). The signature for username "WikiAdmin" looks something like this after typing the four tildes in the edit box:

WikiAdmin 23:43, 31 January 2011 (MST)

For more information about how to use the discussion ("talk") pages, visit this link.

For information on how to make an entry or edit a page, visit this link. Although written for Wikipedia, it also applies to the Organ Playing Wiki.

If you prefer, email entries to the administrator and it will be entered for you. For entries on discussion pages, be sure to specify the way you would like the entry signed.