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Following is a list of selected composers of works for classical organ solo.

Pre-Baroque era organ composers (born before 1550)

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Composer Dates Nationality

Conrad Paumann 1410c-1473 Germany
Arnolt Schlick 1455c-1521c Germany
Antonio de Cabezón 1510c-1566 Spain
Elias Ammerbach 1530c-1597 Germany
Jakob Hassler 1569-1622 Germany
new pre-Baroque composer 15xx-15xx country

Baroque era organ composers (born 1550–1700)

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Composer Dates Nationality
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck 1562-1621 The Neatherlands
Jean Titelouze 1562-1633 France
Girolamo Frescobaldi 1583-1643 Italy
Samuel Scheidt 1587-1654 Germany
Heinrich Scheidemann 1595-1663 Germany
Andreas Düben 1597-1662 Germany
Pablo Bruna 1611-1679 Spain
Johann Jakob Froberger 1616-1667 Germany
Matthias Weckmann 1616-1674 Germany
Jean-Henri d'Anglebert 1629-1691 France
Nicolas-Antoine Lebègue 1631-1702 France
Guillaume-Gabriel Nivers 1632-1714 France
Dieterich Buxtehude 1637-1707 Germany
André Raison 1640-1719 France
Juan Cabanilles 1644-1712 Spain
Georg Muffat 1653-1704 Germany
Johann Pachelbel 1653-1706 Germany
Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer 1656-1746 Germany
Georg Böhm 1661-1733 Germany
Nicolaus Bruhns 1665-1697 Germany
Johann Heinrich Buttstett 1666-1727 Germany
François Couperin 1668-1733 France
Nicolas de Grigny 1671-1703 France
Jeremiah Clarke 1674-1707 England
Louis-Nicolas Clérambault 1676-1749 France
Johann Gottfried Walther 1684-1748 Germany
Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750 Germany
Georg Frederic Handel 1685-1759 Germany
Louis-Claude d'Aquin 1694-1772 France
new Baroque composer 16xx-17xx country

Classical era organ composers (born 1700–1770)

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Composer Dates Nationality
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach 1710-1784 Germany
Johann Ludwig Krebs 1713-1780 Germany
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach 1714-1788 Germany
Johann Kirnberger 1721-1783 Germany
Claude Balbastre 1724-1799 France
Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach 1732-1795 Germany
Johann Christian Kittel 1732-1809 Germany
Franz Joseph Haydn 1732-1809 Germany
Johann Christian Bach 1735-1783 Germany
Abbe Georg Joseph Vogler 1749-1814 Germany
Justin Heinrich Knecht 1752-1817 Germany
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791 Germany
Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827 Germany
Christian Heinrich Rinck 1770-1846 Germany
new Classical composer 17xx-18xx country

Romantic era organ composers (born 1770–1870)

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Composer Dates Nationality
Samuel Wesley 1766-1837 England
Alexandre Pierre Francois Boёly 1785-1858 France
Simon Sechter 1788-1867 Germany
Felix Mendelssohn 1809-1847 Germany
Samuel Sebastian Wesley 1810-1876 England
August Gottfried Ritter 1811-1885 Germany
Franz Liszt 1811-1886 Germany
Thomas Attwood Walmisley 1814-1856 England
Louis James Alfred Lefébure-Wely 1817-1869 France
César Franck 1822-1890 France
Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens 1823-1881 France
Josef Anton Bruckner 1824-1896 Germany
William Thomas Best 1826-1897 England
Gustav Adolph Merkel 1827-1885 Germany
Johannes Brahms 1833-1897 Germany
Julius Reubke 1834-1858 Germany
Camille Saint-Saéns 1835-1921 France
Alexandre Guilmant 1837-1911 France
Théodore Dubois 1837-1942 France
Josef Rheinberger 1839-1901 Germany
Eugène Gigout 1844-1925 France
Charles-Marie Widor 1844-1937 France
C. Hubert H. Parry 1848-1918 England
Charles Villiers Stanford 1852-1924 England
Edward Elgar 1857-1934 England
Basil Harwood 1859-1949 England
Léon Boëllmann 1862-1897 France
Gabriel Pierné 1863-1937 France
Charles Wood 1866-1926 England
Louis Vierne 1870-1937 France
Charles Tournemire 1870-1939 France
Franz Schmidt 1874-1939 Germany
Sigfrid Karg-Elert 1877-1933 Germany
Henri Mulet 1878-1967 France
Joseph-Ermend Bonnal 1880-1944 France
Joseph Bonnet 1884-1944 France
new Romantic composer 18xx-19xx country

Twentieth-century and contemporary organ composers (born since 1870)

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Composer Dates Nationality
Carson Cooman 1982- America
Louis Vierne 1870-1937 France
Max Reger 1873-1916 Germany
Ernest Bloch 1880-1959 United States
Guy Weitz 1883-1970 Belgium
Marcel Dupré 1886-1971 France
Herbert Howells 1892-1983 England
Charles Ives 1874-1954 America
Ernst Pepping 1901-1981 Germany
Maurice Duruflé 1902-1986 France
Flor Peeters 1903-1986 Belgium
Hermann Schroeder 1904-1984 Germany
Jean Langlais 1907-1991 France
Hugo Distler 1908-1942 Germany
Olivier Messiaen 1908-1992 France
Jehan Alain 1911-1940 France
Joseph Willcox Jenkins 1928-2014 country
Gerald Near 1942- United States
Wayne L. Wold 1954- United States
Chelsea Chen 1983- United States
new twentieth-century composer 19xx-20xx country